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  • Can a Machine Learn from Radiologists’ Visual Search Behaviour and Their Interpretation of Mammograms—a Deep-Learning Study. Journal of Digital Imaging 2019
  • Missed cancer and visual search of mammograms: what feature-based machine-learning can tell us that deep-convolution learning cannot. SPIE Medical Imaging 2019
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  • Automated voice marking of a data/voice streams basing on end users profile and related data. 2012
  • Folksonomic approach to security systems. 2011
  • System and method to automatically provide optimal content based on vision and eye movement. 2011
  • Mechanism to conduct a whiteboard based conference session using gyroscopic enabled mobile devices. 2011
  • Acceptability indicators in emails. 2011
  • An optimized human face detection and feature extraction algorithm. 2010



  • IBM Redbooks: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony. IBM RedBook 2011
  • Face-Off: collection of 21 self-composed poems. Poems, 2009

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