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My little butterfly

Thursday, February 4, 2021, 12:00 AM


First day of my daughters big school!


My little butterfly
You are the apple of my eyes
Seeing you brightly shine
My heart melts to shiny slime

A beautiful day it is today,
You starting your schooling
With million hopes and dreams
I long to see you shine!

The journey you start today, my little girl
You see, it’s about a magical land
You can build, create, innovate!
But you can also destroy, and eliminate!

Its a journey of empowerment
Of empathy, confidence, and courage
Your perseverance is the wand, and
Your knowledge thy spell

So my little bunny,
With a cheeky little grin,
Let the magic unfold
Let the knowledge begin

To take you to infinite possibilities
Of unicorns, fairies, glitters, and utopia!
Of tingle and tinker
Of awe and sympathy

All I ask of you is to be kind,
Both to others and to yourself
And to never fear a failure
For they mean no harm, they are just to teach

Embrace it all, Soak in it,
One thought at a time
One problem at a time
One victory at a time

The world is waiting
For you, to lead the way
To better future and better world
Do not let others dim you down, for you are to be found