Suneeta Mall

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To all the Daminis

Friday, December 28, 2012, 12:00 AM


An atrocious incident in Dec of 2012, New Delhi


Can’t believe you had to go through this
Can’t believe someone did this to you

Took a part of you away
Shattering your soul into pieces

As my heart melts away
I have very less to say
Not that I am callous
But hey! no false promises

As I read about you
I feel proud of you
On your courage
And your strength

It’s not just you Damini
Atrocities are such
we are a land of Daminis
Some faded, some long forgotten

I ain’t know, who to blame
So I blame myself
For a being a part of community
Who could not keep you safe

I ain’t no feminist, but I do have soul
For I am female
And I know how you feel
I know how you feel

As millions of hearts reach out to you
To share your pain & your agony
All I can offer you is pray
Love & Support