Suneeta Mall

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One Bright Dawn

Friday, April 9, 2010, 12:00 AM


An beautiful dawn filled with hope!


The bell has rung, filling me in with a flawless zing,
A bell, that sings, mystic rings,
Of twitter and chime,
In perfect rhyme,

The gust of breeze, in its gentle feel,
Touched me deep, inside within,
Soft and sweet, lukewarm feel,
Perfect pamper, as I feel,

The bright shining dawn rays,
Dancing at my door ways,
Winking, smiling, teasing, luring,
In all its magnanimous ways,

And that’s when I open my eyes,
Welcoming new days, arms open wide,
Governed by the aura, defined by the angles of time,
With hopes high mountains, in energy of fountains,

I there by call it, utopian sunshine!